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First time I used this oil, I was told that it makes magic to the skin, but tell me which oil doesn’t brag about this statement?

I love beauty products and trying out something new Is something I rarely say no to. So what happened before I was introduced to this magic oil?

I was going on a vacation trip with my mother to Africa, it was actually very long time since me and my mother had vacation together. The country we were going to spend two weeks together was Morocco. I was actually there 6 month before this trip in Marrakech for a running event and the main reason I went back again Is that I wanted my mom to experience something new. Morocco was very different from what I had experienced before, the different land shapes from the Sahara desert to the snowy Atlas Mountains and its people who awakened the oriental sense in me, and chapters from the book “Arabian Nights” suddenly came alive.

For a couple of days we stayed in a beautiful Ryad just outside Essouira and the land was surrounded with this big green trees, actually it reminded me of olive trees but this trees were bigger and fuller, even the leaves are a bit darker than olive trees.

I asked a friend of mine that was guiding us and he explained to us that this tree was an Argan tree and than he said: You should try the Argan oil, it makes magic to the skin. First of all normally women recommend other women about beauty products, so that felt different, that an Moroccan man would recommend this oil, so I understood immediately that something must be special with this oil.
Simo continued his explanations about this magic oil and he took us to a place were we could see how the oil was produced. We went in the afternoon to Essouira since in the mornings I just needed to relax and recover from all the stress one builds up at home.

I experienced that people in Morocco didn’t stress the way we do in west, they took day by day, and planning here was very different. Yes, we were on a vacation but I got to know some nice people here and I wanted to see how they worked and their way of life was very different from westerner standards so to speak. So during the mornings I sat with my books (Zen of Archery and a book by Jan Guillou, “Not wanting to see) reading next to the swimming pool, the weather was as well it could be and I really needed this time to my self.

The exotic French African Riyad we stayed in was about 20 km outside Essouira. In the afternoon we went in to the port town and visit the Argan shop since I was so excited to know more about this oil. Simo talked with an old sweet lady and she took over the conversation almost immediately and started to tell us everything about the golden drops, Essouira and Morocco. She was really enjoying her conversation with us and she gave me many different products to try out, so both my mother and me got a hand full of oils, soaps, scrubs and Moroccan lava clay from Rhassoul stones with us when we left the shop.

Things that stuck on my mind was when she explained to us that it was only women working in this industry and most of them came from poor families. Argan oil was there way of supporting there families and they didn’t work for companies, so it was women foundations that was owned by women that sold this oil to Moroccan companies or for foreign companies that later sold their product mostly in Europe and US. My first reaction was that this way of doing business was smart since women owned it.
But I also understood that the prices of this product were very different from the shops in London or New York and to what these women got paid in Morocco.

I also saw a business opportunity. Here we have a women foundation that I can support and a good product, which I can stand by, sell and create my own brand. Things that also went through to my mind that vacation day.

So for a couple of days I could not think of something else except of how I could start this business. I contacted a good friend of mine that has built many successful businesses and started asking him a lot of questions. He advised me to go for it BUT that I should do my research first. Not to jump in to something until I got all the facts straight and that I needed clear business plan in front of me.

I want to say and I feel this is very important for you readers to know, I have no sponsors and I’m not getting paid to promote any beauty products, I’m only speaking from my own experiences.

So I started using the oil every day, mostly in the evenings before I went to bed. What Simo helped me with was to get hold of the 100% pure Argan Oil, and I understood very early that pure argan oil is not very common, they usually mix the oil with other oils since pure argan oil is vey expensive. The reason why it’s expensive is very simple. The argon tree exists to my knowledge only in Morocco. In the process of taking out the oil from the argan nuts, is done by hand, so there is no automated press machines involved, everything is made by hand, so the process is time consuming and there is not many argan trees in our planet. This combination makes the pure Argan oil one of the most expensive oils in the world.

We all know that there are many expensive beauty products out there but which ones are really working and which ones are mostly selling because of the big marketing and commercial budgets? They almost brain wash us with how important it is to use just their specific products.

I wanted to find a product that worked, gave fast and good results, a product that was 100% natural with no camisoles and no animal testing, also a reason why it opened my eyes to this oil.

So I got pure Argan oil and started using it and already after a couple of days I could notice a difference and after a couple of weeks the difference was remarkable. I couldn’t believe how my skin had became so soft and nice, the best way to describe this is, I have always used beauty products since I love to taking care of my self and my skin and for the first time I could feel a real softness in my skin, It was amazing.

Than I started reading and doing my research about the argan fruit or it’s nuts, and I had to understand why the oil made so big impact on the skin, what I found out was that it is rich with vitamin A and vitamin E. However, Argan oil is also packed with anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Research shows that when applied to skin, it eases inflammation while moisturizing the skin. So it has the natural ingredients to heal and make the skin to recover and get back it’s moisturizing.
When I saw the results, I became confidence that this product is what every woman is looking for.
Today I’m working on making my own brand and my plan is by the end of next year have the opportunity to offer my own collection of Argan products, everything from face, hair and body.
I have always been a fan of doing business that support women and in the same time offers good quality products.

During the Christmas holiday I’m working out the design of the bottles and a business plan of how to get this business successful. Looking forward to do this hands on by “mixing” the practical and also theoretical because next term I will also continue my full time studies in the field of Business and Administration with the focus on online shopping.

Journey to be continued….